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Timeshare Cancellation IRONFIST has partnered with attorneys with outstanding track records in cancelling or modifying unfair contracts rooted in deceptive marketing and helping those facing undue financial hardships.
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We’ll fight to enforce your consumer rights

When a consumer’s rights are violated, having specialized attorneys present is vital when negotiating a resolution with the lender or company responsible. Our team of professionals have helped thousands of consumers across multiple industries cancel their unfair contracts cancellation or negotiate far better terms than what they started with.

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Submit your eligibility form by clicking the “Consultation” button at the top of our website. We will need basic information including your contract loan amount, provider and details about your situation.

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Upon approval, you will be assigned a consultant to walk you through the process of submitting your contract information to our Client Department.

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Once your paperwork is submitted, our team begins the process. Your consultant will keep you updated along the way until the process is complete.

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We’re different from anything else out there. Here’s why: We have the nation’s top legal team backing your file. Our team has challenged thousands of unfair contracts in court, resulting in lawsuit victories and thousands of modified contracts. Over the years, our expert legal team has built relationships with these major lending institutions, by way of court-side proceedings. Today, these same lending institutions avoid having to go through costly litigation and amicably negotiate directly with us.

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