Why Student Loan Experts Can’t Help, But Our Social Justice Inspired Company Can

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Why Student Loan Experts Can’t Help, But Our Social Justice Inspired Company Can

Are you angry about the crisis caused by student debt in this country? So are we. Iron Fist Legal is not a law firm or student loan experts; we are a social justice inspired company dedicated to fighting for the rights of people who have been crushed by student loans and feel taken advantage of, either by their school, original lender or so-called experts claiming to help them later. We want the public to know how the problem of student loans has been snowballing in the United States and that there is a solution.

Iron Fist Legal uses proprietary methods to cancel or modify student loan contracts.. We provide an attorney-based service to obtain student loan contract cancellations and modifications, and we back up our work with a service guarantee. We are different from run-of-the-mill doc prep companies or student loan forgiveness companies, which are omnipresent these days but are actually part of the problem, as you can learn by reading on.

Have you been scammed by someone claiming they can help with your student loans?

You’re not alone. There are many student loan forgiveness scams out there taking advantage of people like you. In fact, the perpetrators of some of them have recently been indicted.

These scams range from small-time operations to multimillion-dollar scams that pressure and deceive people into enrolling in loan repayment programs. Some student loan refinances companies enticed borrowers to refinance federal loans with bad private banks. This process changed many student loan types, preventing them from qualifying for forgiveness programs. 

Most scams operate with the same goal in mind: to part innocent people from more money – money they can’t afford to lose. Their tactics include:

  • Claiming falsely to be a “document preparation” service
  • Coercing people to sign up for additional services they don’t need
  • Misleading enrollees about what they are signing up for
  • Making false statements about loan forgiveness or repayment plans
  • Hiding monthly fees that grossly inflated payments
  • Keeping funds paid by enrollees for personal use and not repaying loans
  • Charging borrowers high sums for doing things they could do themselves

As student loans have reached a $1.6 trillion crisis in the United States, and as college tuition has gotten more and more expensive, these scams have become more common and sophisticated. The recession of 2008 contributed to the crisis, and now those with student loans once again find themselves waylaid by the impending global pandemic recession.

If you have been a victim of one of these scams or want to avoid them and work with someone you can trust, an IRONFIST student debt experts are available, the first step is to apply for our services. We are attorney-based and guaranteed to cancel or reduce your student loan balance.

Has paying the balance of your student loans become impossible for you? Were you made promises about your loans or education that turned out to be false? Iron Fist Legal can also assist you in these situations.

What Is The Difference Between Student Loan Debt Relief and A Consumer Protection Company Like Iron Fist Legal?

The first thing you should know about Iron Fist Legal is that we are not part of the student loan industry. Instead, our mission as a social justice-inspired company is defending consumer rights and giving clients options when it comes to getting out of abusive contracts. We help consumers like you fight back against predatory companies.

We make our methods affordable to all. Even better, we get quantifiable results that you can count on.

What’s the difference between a student loan debt relief company, a student loan document prep company, a student loan lawyer, and a consumer protection company?

A student loan debt relief company charges fees to enrollees to participate in free federal programs. They don’t do anything you can’t do yourself with your federal loan servicer, and they often charge exorbitant fees or tack on unnecessary services.

Student loan document preparation companies claim to help borrowers fill in paperwork needed to file for a repayment plan with their loan servicer. However, they also frequently charge high fees and aren’t always transparent about their practices.

A student loan lawyer, as discussed in the section below, is someone who is hired to litigate your loan case for you. So, if you go in this direction, you have to be prepared to spend time in court and potentially pay high legal fees, with no guarantee of the outcome. 

A consumer protection company like Iron Fist Legal, on the other hand, protects borrowers’ rights and helps them obtain loan repayment plans, reduced balances, or even canceled balances – all while charging minimal costs and being upfront with the people they champion.

Who We Are and What Else Is Out There

To reiterate, Iron Fist Legal are not student loan experts, nor have we ever wanted to be that. There are some professionals and lawyers who call themselves experts… and yet we know they are rarely effective because so many borrowers still suffer under the burden of their student loans.

We are also not a debt relief company. Rather, we are a consumer protection company that is inspired by the social justice movement. We provide a solution for students who have tried everything else unsuccessfully and need a different approach.

We don’t use a bandaid “solution” that prolongs your pain, like forbearance or consolidation. We use an attorney-based strategy service that would normally be out of reach for many borrowers and make it economical… and highly effective. You can read more about it below.

To learn more about how Iron Fist Legal can help your unique student loan situation, call us at 866-641-6215 or apply online today.

The team at Iron Fist Legal believes in the consumer rights of all Americans, and we’ve fought hard for them over the years.

Iron Fist Legal’s Contracted Attorneys Have Effectively Defended Against All Three Industries

We feel strongly that everyone’s rights as consumers should be defended. Iron Fist Legal’s contracted attorneys have effectively fought for consumers in three major industries:

  • Mortgage
  • Timeshare
  • Student loan debt

We have a track record of winning lawsuits and getting people the results they deserve. Iron Fist Legal is different from other companies you may have spoken with. We employ a proprietary process pioneered by our company’s founders.

Not only are we innovative in our approach for consumers, but we are also affordable, while still holding our own and offering a viable alternative to litigating against billion-dollar corporations that seem to hold the strings to so many people’s financial well-being.

Our team brings 45 years of combined experience to fighting for you against deceptive contracts and predatory loans. We are advocates for families and students in ways no one else can be.

To speak with one of our team today, call us at 866-641-6215 or apply online via our convenient message form.

Iron Fist Legal can help you when student loan debt relief companies and loan document prep companies cannot.

Why Can’t Student Loan Debt Relief Companies Help You?

If you’ve already tried a student loan debt relief company, you may have already learned a hard lesson: They can’t really help you. The reason is that, unless they are nonprofits, these companies are out to make a buck at the expense of borrowers. Experts that claim to be helping people but are not are part of the whole problem with student loan debt.

How do they make their business profitable? They use a number of immoral and sometimes illegal techniques. For example, they may hustle a desperate borrower to sign an onerous contract that offers short-term relief, or the appearance of such, but brings long-term pain.

Often payments are dragged out much longer than they need to be. Over time, the borrower pays far more than they would have originally because of fees and interest. Did you know that student loan debt relief companies sometimes charge up to 35 percent of the loan balance? 

Particularly unscrupulous student loan debt relief companies may take a borrower’s money and say it’s towards payment, but they may not pass that money on to the lender. The borrower’s credit gets trashed, and they are constantly harassed by people trying to collect payment.

Student loan debt relief companies can only assist with private and unsecured debt. However, Iron Fist Legal can help with both private and non-private debt. 

If you’ve tried student loan debt relief companies and been scammed, or if you are lucky enough to have avoided them so far, give Iron Fist Legal a call at 866-641-6215 or apply online.

Iron Fist Legal can also assist you if you’ve been let down by student loan doc prep companies.

Why Student Loan Doc Prep Companies Cannot Help You

Like student loan debt relief companies, document preparation companies, which are self-proclaimed “experts,” use misleading advertising, false promises, high sales pressure, and other harmful tactics to lure borrowers into using their services. They may imply they are offering legal services when they are not. Their fees are rarely worth the help borrowers get from these companies.

Some student loan doc prep companies suggest borrowers let their loans go into default so they can challenge the validity of the balance with a debt collector, who will inevitably follow up. This is an unsafe strategy and can result in hassles for the borrower, as well as ruined credit. 

Another problem with student loan doc prep companies is that they are not attorney-based. In most instances, they’re not legally permitted to represent their clients, nor do they have power of attorney. They lack the legal expertise to know when your rights have been violated, and they cannot properly review a promissory note. 

Furthermore, student loan document preparation companies cannot stop harassing phone calls to you or your family members. They also cannot help people who earn more than $80,000 per year. 


And if you’re thinking about hiring a student loan lawyer, keep reading to learn why this can backfire.

Don’t Hire A Student Loan Lawyer Unless You Want To Litigate

You should be aware that when you hire a student loan lawyer, you are intending to litigate, meaning you want to go to court over your student loans. While in rare instances this is appropriate, in most instances, this is not a wise tactic.

If you litigate your loan situation, there is no guarantee of winning the case. In many instances, you are at the mercy of the court, as well as the experience of the attorney and their team. 
And lawyers are generally quite expensive. Law firms make money by charging clients billable hours. You could shell out thousands to a student loan lawyer and lose your case, leaving you owing even more money than when you started out.

There are other problems with student loan lawyers that you want to think about. For one, they can only take several cases at once because their approach is court-based. However, Iron Fist Legal manages thousands of cases at once because of our unique method. 

Are you looking for an alternative to litigation with a student loan lawyer?  Apply online to see what we can do for your case. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you today.

You might be thinking about refinancing your student loans. We want you to wait before starting that process. It may be possible to negotiate.

Hold Off On Refinancing Your Student Loans, There May Be Room To Negotiate

Refinancing your student loans may sound like an appealing solution, but it’s not nearly as fast or easy as it sounds. Refinancing involves contacting the lender and making a case for being able to settle the balance of your loans with an alternative payment arrangement.

However, there are multiple hurdles that must be cleared to accomplish this. First of all, you need to have the time to doggedly pursue lenders and be available when they return your call. Second, you have to find a lender that’s amenable to refinancing.

There are limitations to what can be done with refinancing. The lender will usually ask for documentation of hardship. What you see as essential expenses, they may view as frivolous and tell you that you are still able to repay the loan as it stands.

There is a better way than any of the methods above, including refinancing. Reach out to Iron Fist Legal today to learn more.

Meanwhile, here is an introduction to what we do to help our clients get relief from their student loans.

What We Actually Do At Iron Fist Legal

Unlike the other so-called solutions discussed above, the process that Iron Fist Legal uses has a real impact on the student loan problem. This life-changing process can be used by millions of people who are plagued by student loans.

First, we evaluate if you are eligible for student loan modification. Many people are eligible, from those who face hardship to those who were misled about their loans or their educational program. Do you meet any of the criteria listed below? If so, Iron Fist Legal may well be able to help you.

  • You are facing “undue hardship” because of your student loan balance.
  • You did not end up graduating, did not benefit from your education, or feel you did not receive the educational value of what you paid for.
  • You have had to deal with some type of disability.
  • You were given misleading information about job placement.
  • You were coerced or misled into taking out large loans.
  • You were a minor when you first made your student loan agreement.
  • You are paying high interest in an abusive student loan contract.
  • You were misled about options for loan forgiveness.
  • You have had to request forbearance or defer payments, or you cannot afford to continue making loan payments.
  • The institution you attended is not open any longer.

Next, we use the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as the basis of our process and encourage lenders to make an informed decision about whether it’s better to pursue your balance or settle. We handle the correspondence for you, so there are no more bills or letters going to your address.

We have found that the likelihood of lenders wanting to negotiate with us is quite high. We’re happy to speak with you more about the Iron Fist Legal process when you speak with us. Feel free to reach out any time.

Iron Fist Legal Is Here To Help You Solve Your Student Debt

You aren’t the only one facing a student loan crisis, but it can certainly feel like it when you are unable to pay the balance of your loan. Don’t let the worry and frustration of unmanageable student loans ruin your life any longer. Get in touch with Iron Fist Legal now and take charge of the situation. Call us at 866-641-6215 today.

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