About Us

Iron Fist Legal is an attorney-based loan modification company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Our contracted team of experts have combined over 45 years of experience helping victims of predatory student loans. We specialize in providing an affordable, attorney-based student loan modification service for individuals facing more than 30K in student loan debt. We guarantee to reduce our client’s student loan principle balance by 30–70%. Certain eligible individuals could get the loan contract canceled out completely. We are also able to immediately stop harassing communication attempts from collectors, process federal documents, enforce “borrower defense” and petition for bankruptcy.

Michael Cantrell The owner of Iron Fist Legal, Mike Cantrell, is a producer, consumer advocate and accomplished entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has leveraged his experience as a business owner and community advocate to raise awareness, build audiences, foster partnerships, and grow organizations.

Mike continues to advocate for victims of underhanded sales practices and abusive contracts intended to target unsuspecting students, seniors and less fortunate members of the community. His passion for helping others has helped him drive positive change for organizations, clients, business owners, and industries.

To contact Mike directly, you can email mike@ironfistlegal.com