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How Can Student Loan Forgiveness Lawsuits Affect Me?

For thousands of former college students across the US, the issue of paying back student loans is a big one. For someone who is thousands of dollars in debt, Navient student loan forgiveness might sound like a way out from under their financial burden. But many people who reached out to Navient for help still […]

Student Debt Crisis Comparable to Mortgage Crisis of 2008

The student loan debt crisis has gripped the United States, sending legislators, government agencies and finance experts scrambling for appropriate solutions to address the problem that has become both a financial and political issue. As of the second quarter of 2019, the overall student loan debt of over 44 million Americans stood at $1.48 trillion, […]

Top 10 School Loan Companies For 2019

School loan companies have been an indispensable resource for prospective college students in search of tertiary education without the financial means to pay for a course outright. The first option most consider in this situation is the federal student loan. Its rates and terms are hard to beat, with some loans even subsidized by the government. […]

How the Real Estate Market is Hurting from Student Loan Debt

The magnitude of student loan debt amounting to $1.5 trillion continues to be a major cause for concern as it has escalated into a complex and urgent economic and political issue. As far back as 2005, rising student debt has shown a negative correlation with homeownership. The 2017 Federal Reserve Report on “Student Loans and […]

Are You Eligible For Student Loan Modification Programs?

The numbers should shock everyone. Almost 45 million adult Americans owe a combined total of $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. That adds up to one of every four adult Americans, possibly even yourself. Help does exist. Student loan modification comes in different forms with programs that apply to specific groups of borrowers. Federal student […]

The Best Ways to Stop Student Loan Forgiveness Calls

If you’re wondering how to stop student loan forgiveness calls, you aren’t alone! The number of spam and robocalls coming into people’s homes has skyrocketed. The calls claim to let you consolidate your loans or have your loans forgiven altogether. Whatever the caller wants, it isn’t to help you get out of debt. Have you […]

Why It’s Worth Speaking with a Student Loan Lawyer

Student loan debt has fewer options for resolution than other types of debt. If your student loan debt is affecting every area of your life, speaking with a student loan lawyer might help. For some former students, paying back student loans is a minor inconvenience. But these former students are in the minority. For a […]

Have You Been a Victim of Student Loan Fraud?

Student loans have pumped trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds into paying tuition, fees, and other expenses for students. With so much money moving from the federal government through so many hands, inevitably scams and student loan fraud would crop up to target the largesse. This type of fraud represents one of the fastest-growing areas […]

Watch Out for These Student Loan Forgiveness Scams!

Federal and state officials in the past few years have ramped up their efforts to educate people about student loan forgiveness scams. As holders of student loan debt grow more desperate to find ways to unload it, predators increasingly find ways to use it to their own advantage. As West Virginia State Attorney General Patrick […]