How Many Years Until Student Loan Debts Are Forgiven?

Experts say that roughly half of the people who borrow student loans in America are eligible for one or more student loan debt forgiveness programs.  At Iron Fist Legal, we bring our readers the most up-to-date information about student loan debt forgiveness. A common question we’re asked is, “How many years must I pay before […]

Tips for Paying Off Your Student Loans Faster

Probably one of the most contentious debates of this century, student loans continue to be a bane for students who did not finish their planned course or degree, as well students who did graduate but continue to be saddled with a financial obligation they took on years ago. Of course, it is true that most […]

Best Options for Parent PLUS Loan Forgiveness

Like most parents, you’ll do whatever is necessary to give your child a good education. Unfortunately, by the time you’re researching Parent PLUS loan forgiveness, you’re probably already struggling to repay an existing loan. In hindsight, the loan you took out might not have been as well-thought-out as it should have been. If your payments […]

Student Loan Deferment and Forbearance

People with thousands of dollars in student loan debt often look at student loan deferment or forbearance as a solution to their immediate financial woes. The current student debt crisis means that more people are considering their options than ever before. These options either let you stop making your payments on your federal student loans […]

How to Qualify for Disability Discharge

A Total and Permanent Disability Discharge (TPD) is a type of loan forgiveness created by the U.S. Department of Education for people who can’t repay their student loans due to disability. To qualify for a TPD discharge, you must meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the U.S. Department of Education. Total and permanent disability is […]

Do Teachers’ Student Loans Really Get Forgiven?

The student loan debacle, already messy and complicated, has just gotten messier. With current issues surrounding the supposed loan forgiveness for teachers, there are absolutely no signs of things improving in the immediate future. Issues regarding the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program have come full circle with the lawsuit filed by the American Federation of […]

How Can Student Loan Forgiveness Lawsuits Affect Me?

For thousands of former college students across the US, the issue of paying back student loans is a big one. For someone who is thousands of dollars in debt, Navient student loan forgiveness might sound like a way out from under their financial burden. But many people who reached out to Navient for help still […]

Student Debt Crisis Comparable to Mortgage Crisis of 2008

The student loan debt crisis has gripped the United States, sending legislators, government agencies and finance experts scrambling for appropriate solutions to address the problem that has become both a financial and political issue. As of the second quarter of 2019, the overall student loan debt of over 44 million Americans stood at $1.48 trillion, […]

Top 10 School Loan Companies For 2019

School loan companies have been an indispensable resource for prospective college students in search of tertiary education without the financial means to pay for a course outright. The first option most consider in this situation is the federal student loan. Its rates and terms are hard to beat, with some loans even subsidized by the government. […]

How the Real Estate Market is Hurting from Student Loan Debt

The magnitude of student loan debt amounting to $1.5 trillion continues to be a major cause for concern as it has escalated into a complex and urgent economic and political issue. As far back as 2005, rising student debt has shown a negative correlation with homeownership. The 2017 Federal Reserve Report on “Student Loans and […]