How It Works

Some students have heard of “loan forgiveness,” “loan cancellation,” or loan consolidation.” These are programs that only certain students may qualify for and typically result in refinancing the balance for a longer term with higher interest or landing a job that allows for contract consolidation.

Many students do not qualify for these programs, or have already taken advantage of these programs and are still upside down and/or struggling to make payments.

Over the last few years, major lawsuits have been filed against predatory student loan companies for unfair and deceptive lending practices. As a result, students may be eligible for a 30-70% reduction of their outstanding loan balance using our attorney-based services.

Our service was pioneered to provide those individuals with an alternate option. This new option is referred to as an attorney-based “MODIFICATION.” Here’s how it works:

Step 1)

Free consultation to evaluate your situation and desired outcome.

Step 2)

Set up comfortable payment terms.

Step 3)

Execute a “Power of Attorney,” which will give our attorneys the authority to communicate directly with your lender about this matter.

Step 4)

We negotiate the principal balance of your loan to at least a 30-70% reduction of its original balance and / or a reduction of your monthly payments using proprietary techniques developed by our company.

Step 5)

Once the negotiation with the lender is complete, we will provide you with the documentation reflecting the cancellation of the original loan contract. We will also provide you with the newly updated loan agreement reflecting the modified adjusted balance, along with an official “congrats letter” to mark the completion and success of our process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents will I need in order to schedule a consultation?

The next document we will need from you will be what is called a “financial statement.” The “financial statement” form can be filled out on our secure website or you may download it by clicking here, fill it out, scan and email back to us at

We will also need you to upload your last 2 years of tax returns into our “get started” online form or email pdf copies to If you need assistance with filing your taxes or obtaining these documents let us know and we can refer you to a CPA or you can visit the IRS website and request the documents through their online or phone service.

What if I have trouble locating the documents needed?

Not to worry! If you need help obtaining any of the documents please feel free to call us during business hours at 800-632-7967.

What if I’m already behind on payments to my student loans?

This is completely normal and will have no effect on the outcome of our process.

How long will the process take?

From beginning to end, the process can take 14 days to start and up to two years to complete. Most files will process in less time but we like to under-promise and over-deliver!

Will there be an actual attorney involved in the process?

Yes, an attorney will be involved in the modification process. You will be required to authorize an official “Power of Attorney” document before the loan modification can be processed.

Is this service guaranteed?

Yes! We are proud of our “Iron Fist Guarantee,” which says we will reduce your student debt principle balance by at least 30-70% or more, or you pay nothing for our services. That means no risk to you!

How we came to be.

Millions of students across America are struggling to pay off their student loan debt. While some students can barely afford their loan payments to begin with, many find themselves still unemployed after years of college and struggling to make ends meet.

As mentioned above, many of these students have been targeted by predatory lending institutions looking to charge hefty upfront interest to loan money for education, and/or refinance existing loan debt to create lower payments. These lending institutions have faced major lawsuits over the last few years for unfair and/or deceptive lending practices.

As a result, any student in this situation who contacts us may be eligible to have their loan negotiated by our team to a 30-70% reduction of its original balance owed. Since litigating is not necessary for us to negotiate and/or cancel a student loan contract, our service does not require court appearances and/or expensive lawyer fees.