Our Service Fees

At Iron Fist Legal, we provide our customers an affordable and secure method to paying for our services. Below you will see a comparison of our fees vs our competitors. Once you have reviewed the comparison scroll down for more information about our payment process.

Hiring a Law Firm vs. Iron Fist Legal

Typical Law Firm

  • Retainer & litigation: $10,000-150,000+
  • No guarantee of particular outcome
  • Fees paid up front

Iron Fist Legal

  • No retainer, no litigation necessary
  • Guaranteed 30-70% principle reduction
  • 10% service fee paid upon completion

Hiring a Debt Relief Company vs. Iron Fist Legal

Service fee:
15%-25% of loan balance

Service fee:
35% of loan balance

Service fee:
18%-24% of loan balance

Service fee:
25% of loan balance


Iron Fist Legal

Service fee:
10% of loan balance, paid upon completion

Student Loan Modification Service


We charge 10% of your current loan balance upon the successful completion of your student loan modification. For example: If you owe $100,000 in student loan debt and we are successful in reducing the principle loan balance by at least 30%, you would pay us $10,000 upon completion of the loan modification. If we reduce the loan by more than 30%, or if we are able to cancel it out completely, our fee would remain the same. Our minimum loan modification service fee is $3,000 and can go up to $20,000, based on your current balance.



All Iron Fist Legal clients are required to post our service fees to Escrow.com before we initiate services. Once we are successful in modifying the loan, you will be required to release the escrowed funds to Iron Fist Legal, LLC. The process can take up to 2 years to complete, however we expect a 4-6 month window for completion.



We currently offer zero-down financing for credit qualified clients of Iron Fist Legal. We also guarantee in-house financing for those who don’t qualify for zero down financing. All of our financing options include affordable monthly payments and interest as low as 5.99%.