Student Loan Modifications

Student Loan Challenge

We guarantee to reduce our client's federal or private student loan principal balance by 50% or more even if they were turned down by banks or relief programs. Fill out our eligibility form and receive a free consultation.

Option 1: Borrower Defense Claims

One of the critical services offered by IRONFIST involves handling borrower defense claims. This service is crucial for students who believe their educational institution misled them or engaged in other misconduct, leading to the issuance of loans under false pretenses. IRONFIST’s legal team will assist clients in preparing and filing claims to assert their rights under borrower defense to repayment rules. This can potentially lead to the discharge of some or all of the student loan principal balance, providing significant financial help. 

Option 2: Reduce Your Student Loan Principal Balance

We provide attorney-based negotiation services for settlements on outstanding student loans. This service is particularly beneficial for borrowers who may be facing delinquency or default. The attorneys at IRONFIST will engage with lenders to negotiate settlements that can substantially reduce the amount owed, arrange for lump-sum payments at a reduced rate, or alter the loan terms to prevent further financial distress. This proactive approach aims to resolve this issue in a manner that prevents long-term financial damage for the borrower. 

Option 3: Income Based Repayment Plans

We also offer services to help consumers manage their student loan payments more effectively through income-based repayment (IBR) plans. These plans are designed to make paying off student loans more manageable by setting monthly payments according to the borrower’s income and family size. The attorneys at IRONFIST will provide guidance on eligibility, assist in the application process, and help negotiate terms that are favorable to the client. This service aims to reduce the financial burden on borrowers by adjusting their payment plans to a more sustainable level.  

Option 4: Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) Forgiveness

This service targets borrowers who have been enrolled in IDR plans and have made consistent payments for either 20 years for undergraduate loans or 25 years for graduate loans. IRONFIST assists these clients in claiming their entitlement to loan forgiveness, which includes those who have made payments as low as $0 due to their income levels. IRONFIST ensures that borrowers understand their eligibility and supports them through the application process to secure the forgiveness they have earned. 

Option 5: Disability Discharge

IRONFIST also provides legal assistance for borrowers who become permanently disabled and are unable to work, helping them apply for a total and permanent disability discharge. This often-overlooked entitlement can lead to the complete discharge of the student loan principal balance. The firm helps clients gather and submit necessary medical and financial documentation, communicate with loan servicing companies, and ultimately achieve loan discharge.

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