The IRONFIST™ team has gotten thousands of families out of abusive contracts in other industries over the last two decades. We have now extrapolated the model to streamline the attorney-based service and work with student loans, where we saw the greatest pain.

Mike Cantrell

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Cantrell is a veteran consumer rights advocate and accomplished social entrepreneur. He has founded companies responsible for cancelling thousands of abusive contracts in other industries. Throughout his career, he has leveraged his experience as a business owner, documentarian and advocate to raise awareness, build audiences, foster partnerships, and grow organizations. His passion for social justice has helped him drive positive change for clients, business owners, and industries.

Mira Michel

Chief Operations Officer

Mira Michel has managed operations and teams at independent film, beauty and travel companies. After law school, she practiced as a corporate and entertainment lawyer for A-list clients including Morgan Stanley, U2 and Maroon 5. She is passionate about social justice and has a BA from Harvard (Economics) and a JD from Stanford.

Ryan Jones

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan has over 20 years of experience developing and delivering software solutions for major US companies including Huntington Bank, Wendys and Nationwide just to name a few. Ryan has a BA in computer science from Ohio University and has a passion for developing social impact businesses and organizations.

John Lay

Systems Manager

John has over 15+ years experience developing front and back end web platforms, databases, mobile apps, CRM structures, custom branded design aesthetic, responsive coding, custom programming, user interface testing, team management, and applicable interactive online training. He oversees day to day IT operations at IRONFIST & helps makes sure the wheels keep moving forward.

Joey Western

Senior Consultant

Joey is an accomplished husband, father, consumer advocate and senior consultant at IRONFIST. He has years of experience working as a top-level executive in both commercial real estate and the home improvement industry. His deep knowledge of these industries gives Joey the insight necessary to assist our clients in achieving their goals.