Timeshare Contract Cancellation

Do not despair, hope exists for those timeshare owners who wish to cancel their timeshare contract and no longer be burdened by it's lifetime of financial obligations.

Legally Cancel Your Timeshare Contract

IRONFIST Legal® specializes in timeshare contract cancellation for embattled timeshare owners no longer interested in paying the ever escalating fees that are associated with timeshare ownership.
If you have previously tried to eliminate the timeshare with no success, you may be eligible for timeshare contract cancellation with IRONFIST. We help those who were unable to sell and/or donate their unwanted timeshare.
We are a consumer protection firm that specializes in protecting individuals from misleading and predatory timeshare practices. Our team has obtained timeshare mortgage cancellations and terminations for thousands of timeshare owners.
Most timeshares owners who are no longer enamored with their timeshare, have found out that timeshare re-sale market is nearly non-existent. All one needs to do is go to E-bay to find the hundreds of timeshares that are available for one ($1.00) dollar with no bids.
Recognizing that timeshares are a liability and not an asset, our team has enjoyed unparalleled success in obtaining timeshare contract cancellation.
The notion that once taken in by timeshare developers that one is stuck for life with the timeshare and its financial obligations is a myth perpetuated by timeshare developers and user groups that are funded, maintained and controlled by the timeshare industry.
Timeshare Contract Cancellation

Under general contract law, the truth of the matter is contracts, including timeshare contracts, can be cancelled for a variety of reasons including fraud, misrepresentation and failure of consideration.

The team at IRONFIST Legal®  has obtained thousands of timeshare cancellations for beleaguered owners.

The attorneys at IRONFIST Legal®  have filed and won, either by judgment or settlement, multiple lawsuits against the world’s largest timeshare developers and continue to pursue such actions seeking not only a permanent cancellation of your timeshare contract, but in some instances the return of client money.

IRONFIST Legal® provides a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for those timeshare owners interested in cancellation of their timeshare.

If you have been the victim of timeshare fraud IRONFIST Legal®  will provide you a free consultation on how you can cancel your timeshare contract.

Free Consultation

We offer a free timeshare cancellation consultation for individuals seeking information regarding their eligibility for IRONFIST’s timeshare cancellation and termination services. 

Timeshare Cancellation Pricing

For Clients Who Have a Timeshare Mortgage 

Our fees are based on the balance owed on your timeshare mortgage at the time of hiring IRONFIST. We offer guaranteed financing for eligible clients. Fill out the form below to receive a consultation and payment terms.

Mortgage Balance
$10,000 or less
Mortgage Balance
$10,001 - $25,000
Mortgage Balance
$25,001 - $50,000
Mortgage Balance
$50,001 - $100,000
Mortgage Balance
$100,001 or more

Timeshare Termination Pricing

For Clients Who Have a Paid-Off Timeshare 

We charge a flat fee for a timeshare contract termination with one deed or points certificate. We offer guaranteed financing for eligible clients. Fill out the form below to receive a consultation and payment terms.

Flat Fee
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